Property Fraud Alert

Don’t pay for a fraud notification service when your property records can be protected for free through the Highlands County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller’s Office. PROPERTY FRAUD ALERT is a free service that warns property owners of potential instances of property fraud by notifying subscribers when a deed, mortgage, or other document is recorded under their name in their local county's official records.

 What is property fraud? 

It is when someone illegally uses your property for their financial gain. One common example of property fraud is when a scammer creates a fake document that will deed your home to them, records that document in the county’s official records, then attempts to collect money in “rent” or “sale” of your property. Property owners can easily recognize fraudulent activity if an alert is received regarding activity that was not initiated by themselves.  Early detection can provide valuable time to stop criminal action by allowing the owner to immediately contact law enforcement and/or seek legal advice.

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Effective January 1st, 2024

Notice of amended legislation in HB 1419 Real Property Fraud affecting Section 695.26, Florida Statutes, regarding “Requirements for recording instruments affecting real property."

Effective January 1, 2024, the Clerk will not record an instrument by which title to real property or interest is conveyed, assigned, encumbered, or disposed unless:

  • The name of each witness is legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped immediately beneath the signature of the witness;

  • The post office address of each witness is legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped on each instrument.                 
Further summary information on HB 1419 and the effective date of this legislation can be found on the Florida Senate webpage. House Bill 1419 (2023) - The Florida Senate (