Accounting & Financial Reporting

Pursuant to Florida Statutes and the Florida Constitution, the Clerk of Courts is the accountant to the Board of County Commissioners. Accordingly, the Clerk of Courts Accounting Division provides accounting services to the Board of County Commissioners as well as to the Clerk of Courts in accordance with generally accepted government accounting principles. In addition, accounting services of various levels are also provided to all other Constitutional officers, i.e. the Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, and Tax Collector.

The Accounting Division is responsible for: the timely and proper recording of financial activity congruent with legal requirements; review and control of general ledger and related subsystems; establishing funds; preparing journal entries; processing budget amendments; compiling and issuing periodic county financial reports; monitoring debt service requirements; and ensuring compliance with applicable rules, regulations and policies in the purchase, transfer, and disposal of all county fixed assets.

The Accounting Division prepares the county's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, a publication compiled of audited financial statements, related disclosures, and statistical information. We continue to receive the Government Finance Officers Association's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. The county's fiscal year is October 1 through September 30th.

The Accounting Division is responsible for the preparation of financial reports for the Clerk of Courts and the Board of County Commissioners, including reporting requirements for local, state and federal agencies. The division also prepares the Popular Annual Financial Report for Highlands County. In addition, the division also acts as the liaison between the clerk and board staff and the external auditors for all county audits. The division is responsible for Daily Cash Management for the Clerk and the Board of County Commissioners.