Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

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Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

No administration shall be required or formal proceedings instituted upon the estate of a decedent leaving only personal property exempt under the provisions of s. 732.402, personal property exempt from the claims of creditors under the Constitution of Florida, and nonexempt personal property the value of which does not exceed the sum of the amount of preferred funeral expenses and reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses of the last 60 days of the last illness. Upon informal application by affidavit, letter, or otherwise by any interested party, and if the Court is satisfied that subsection (1) is applicable, the court, by letter or other writing under the seal of the court, may authorize the payment, transfer, or disposition of the personal property, tangible or intangible, belonging to the decedent to those persons entitled. Any person, firm, or corporation paying, delivering, or transferring property under the authorization shall be forever discharged from liability thereon.

Note: Click on the following link to access the Florida Statutes and to view information regarding personal property exempt under s. 732.401. Florida Statutes

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Statement of Claim 
Florida Statute 733.703 states:
(1) A creditor shall file a written statement of the claim. No additional charge may be imposed by a claimant who files a claim against the estate.