Criminal Court

Criminal Court Services Division Function

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The Criminal Court function is the focal point of the large criminal justice community. As a case passes through the system on the lower circuit and county level, it is the responsibility of the Criminal Courts Division to coordinate the activities of the various judiciary and other agencies. This includes preparing the court calendar, issuing summonses and notices concerning court dates, issuing arrest capiases by order of the court, custody and maintenance of the official court files, evidence and exhibits, court recordings, dockets and judgments. As keeper of the official record, a clerk from the Criminal Court Division has to be present during all court proceedings. It is the responsibility of the Criminal Court Division to ensure that all court orders are complied with. The Criminal Court Division also collects and disburses all criminal fines.

On the upper district court level, it is the responsibility of the Criminal Court Division to collect and disburse all criminal appeal filing fees and to accept and comply with all appeal pleadings and orders of the court. The Criminal Court Division prepares and forwards to the district court and attorneys the official Record on Appeal and transcripts.

The Florida Constitution states that circuit courts shall have jurisdiction of all felonies. Circuit court also has jurisdiction of all misdemeanors arising out of the same circumstance as a felony which is also charged. County courts shall have original jurisdiction in all criminal misdemeanor cases and in all violations of municipal and county ordinances. The types of cases handled by the division include felony, misdemeanor, criminal traffic charges, and criminal charges resulting from violations of hunting, fishing, boating, and other local ordinances.

Request for a Partial Payment Plan

Our payment plans offer the flexibility of satisfying the court costs, fines and fees by making monthly payments to the Clerk of the Courts.  A $25 administrative fee is charged at the time the plan is established.

Failure to make payments as agreed under the Payment Plan Agreement may result in the suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license and the case being sent to a third-party collection agency, whereby, an additional 25% in fees is assessed.